The Show


M7 Creations is bringing together professionals from the fields of modern and smart traffic, transport and parking technologies and solutions from across the globe at this three-day international expo. The expo will give the stakeholders access to the entire traffic, transport and parking value chain.

The expo is an excellent opportunity for the national and international companies to showcase their latest and greatest in traffic, transport and parking technologies, and also to connect with the right solution seekers and policy makers. The exhibition will showcase technology for fast, safe and pollution free travel experience.

India’s roads are becoming increasingly congested and unliveable. With the rapid increase in vehicle population, the government is looking into modern and smart solutions and technologies to control the situation. Many companies and startups are coming up with smart road traffic management systems. These modern systems are technology solutions that can be integrated into traffic cabinets and intersections for fast and cost-effective improvements in traffic flow and road safety. By deploying these systems, or by upgrading a city’s existing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) infrastructure, India can create efficient and cost-effective systems for road safety.

Every Indian city also faces acute parking problems with the number of vehicles increasing at a rapid pace. State governments are, therefore, looking into smart parking systems that incorporate IoT technologies such as sensing devices, cameras, or counting sensors to identify which parking area is occupied or available. This sensor data is used in designing a smart parking map.